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    Life line Home Makers is a place where one can get their vision accomplished. We design, renovate, construct kitchens according to the customer demand. Our main focus is to match with the styles and innovations that are trending and changing with the time. So that to provide our customer with the best they desire. We design the kitchen according to the customer demand and construct it accordingly. If a kitchen is old-fashioned and you want to make it trendy or stylish than we are here to help you out by renovation and reconstructing your kitchen accordingly.

    We deal in providing good quality kitchen chimneys that is of Kutchina brand. Mostly customers demand that their cabinets should be of good quality and attractive. We construct or design beautiful outlook of the kitchen cabinets and prices of the cabinets varies according to their design and the wooden that is being used.

    Also we are providing various kitchen accessories like choppers, cutting boards, knives, measuring cups, tool sets, scissors etc. We use or provide Kutchina appliances for the construction or renovation of the kitchen. Kutchina is a well known brand that deals with almost every kitchen appliance while ensuring proper quality of standards.

    We provide Kutchina Modular kitchen appliances. Modular kitchen appliances are the wooden cabinets where the kitchen equipments are being kept. The Kutchina Modular appliances are very innovative and modish that make your kitchen looks more attractive. Every state have their own unique design and style of innovation.

    We deal in providing Kutchina modular kitchen appliances from different states that leads to multiple choices to the customers. The Kutchina modular kitchen appliances in which we deal are Kutchina Modular Kitchen Behala, Kutchina Modular Kitchen Kolkata, Kutchina Modular Kitchen Rajarhat, Kutchina Modular Kitchen Howrah.

    Apart from these Kutchina Chimney Kolkata is also available. These chimneys are well known for their quality and unique designs. The price of the Kutchina Modular Kitchen appliances depends upon the sqft, design and the material or equipments that are being used.

    If you want to make your kitchen look Admirable than we are here to implement it for you.